What tools are out there

When it comes to protecting your kids online too many parents have a relaxed attitude about whats really out there, and what there kids can be exposed too. the web is a wonderful tool for learning, its also a haven for criminals and bullies. The web and what your kids put out there into the digital ether will for all intensive purposes be online forever, often mistakes made by young adults an have far reaching consequences into adulthood. this is not likely to change in the near future as bohemieith companies like google and facebook will keep digital records forever. 

This not is not just about protecting your kids from what they see, from online bullies and predators but also about how to make them aware of what is safe to post and what should not be posted under any circumstances. I understand this can be a complex topic and i have devided my cours into several sesctions to you can pcik and choose what may apply to you. Some invole simple methods of proection, others can be considered advanced in web equitte that will insure your child reaps the benefits of a clean didital history.