All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Here are Urban Monday we understand the benefits of rapid learning in the modern world. You may not have time to wade through a book a week but we can bring you a knowledge shot in the arm in 1 hour. The plan is to bring you the best of accelerated learning courses in self mastery and crypto currencyfrom around the web and beyond, cut through the jargon and give you the essentials in a condensed format. 


Our Mission

Is to delve deep into the most important, game changing and intersting topics on the Web and bring them to you in byte size.

Here at Urban Monday we are passionate about learning. Our range of free and premium online courses are designed to open you up to a mind blowing and fun study experience unlike any other.
— Marc Rawlins CEO Urban Monday

What We've Have right now

  • We have created one of the most comprehensive guides on how you can protect your kids online. 
  • A guide to the future of money, Bitcoin and Etherium and how you can get in early for potentially massive benefits down the road.
  • In my blog piece i will take you through my transformation from being a smoker and couch potato to the best shape of my life. And give you the tools and metal models to make it work for you.

Were just getting started, i mean literally..! Loads more to come soon.